Language issue

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Language issue


Having some issues with the startup page in the portal. Made changes to the qprstartup.html file to fit our needs. Got an interesting result when i did it. It seems that it's some sort of language issue. In the text there are several äåö letters. This did not happen in the 2014 version and it is basically the same text.

This is how it looks like.

Du behöver logga in till vänster. Tillsvidare kan du logga in med admin. Lösenord behövs.

Anybody encountered this problem before? Something i have missed?



Hi Jacob, For knowledge sharing purposes, could you describe what solved the issue?

Well, It was basically my lack of .html skills that created the problem. As I have learned now html can not read å ä ö. So I found out that you had to convert those characters to, for example "ö".

Hope you understand it! 

Got it, thanks for sharing!