Inserting related elements or generating views based on relations

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Inserting related elements or generating views based on relations

Is there a way automatically to insert related elements in the diagram? In other tools such as Archi and BiZZdesign there is a "Generate view for" feature which allows me to select an element and automatically create a new diagram with both my selected element and the elements related to it. This often saves an immense amount of time.

For example, if I have made a service map for division X of a company, I would like to use the Business Service elements in that map to create a process map for division X based on the realization relations between Business Services and Business Processes.

This would not have to be completely automatic in the sense that I could perform manual operations such as removing the Business Services from the diagram to only leave Business Processes. This is what I have to do in Archi as well. But I would not want to look up each related element in the navigator and insert each one manually.

Hi Timo,

Currently we have done automatic diagramming for specific view/diagram types in our ODM template. E.g. in Business development - Customers - Personas & Customer Journeys -> Customer journey diagram can be created automatically. Same kind of view/diagram specific automated generation can be developed by few days custom work.

More generic functionality for automatic view generation is also planned for future releases.