Importing MS Visio models to QPR

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Importing MS Visio models to QPR


I heard it is possible to import MS Visio models to QPR. Where can I find more information about this?



There is an example script in QPR ProcessDesigner and QPR EnterpriseArchitect. In QPR's Developer Guide there is a section that goes through all the example scripts and this is from there:


This script imports a MS Visio Basic or Cross Functional diagram drawing saved as XML.

1.Open or create a new model with QPR Modeling Client

2.Go to the Home tab and select Run Script from the Tools group

3.Select PGVisioImport.pmf from the list

4.Browse the desired Visio .vdx XML file to be imported

5.New model elements will be created and/or attribute values will be updated"


I would like to point out that very often the script doesn't work as-is, meaning it usually needs to be modified to match the used notations.

The script only works with VDX files which are no longer in Visio (from 2013 version).

So how to use this with a newer Visio version?

Have you noticed the MS Visio Importer Accelerator? This tool is compatible with the new VSDX format of Visio files.

-> "You are not authorized to access this page. "

Accelerators are usually offered through our reseller partners or QPR directly. I will contact you regarding this!

According to the instructions:

"modelname (string) = Name of the QPR EA/PD model, where the data is imported to. The model name always starts with \\. Folder names can be defined with \."

I'm assuming this refers to the server model. How can one refer to a file model?

The tool has been tested for server models only. It might still be possible to use file models by specifying the path for the file.

Tried that, didn't work.

Ok, currently only server models can be used then.