How to open old models in QPR Metrics?

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How to open old models in QPR Metrics?

Hi all,

I need to import an old model into our new QPR 2015 installation. but it gives an error "The model exported with QPR 7"!

How can I import models like that, as there are very good templates like EFQM, BPMN, etc that are compatible with QPR 7 version.


QPR 2015.1 supports imports for models created with QPR ScoreCard 8.0 or a newer QPR version. Therefore, you need to install for example the 8.0 version, import the QPR 7 templates with that, then export the model with the 8.0, and again import the model in QPR 2015.1.

Okay, Thank you for your advice.


Is it possible to import models from 2015.1 to 2019.1?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, the 2019.1 Metrics client supports importing models from version 2015.1.