Hiding an entire process in PD/EA

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Hiding an entire process in PD/EA

Hello together,

do you have a feasable idea of how I could hide an entire process from a specific group of users in portal?

The idea is, that there should be depicted a process map, where a process is not even "drawn", when the user has no right to drill down.

I understand that this somehow breaks the logic of showing the entire process level, but we would have a use case for this.

Best Regards,


Would filtered views work for this?

Do you mean filtered views in terms of hiding a specific process step type? 

Unfortunately this would not be a suitable way:

The process model is already kind of complex, so that we should not use different process step types for this hiding.

In Configuration Manager I found the setting in Metrics to decide how Scorecards should be shown if there is no permission.

I was thinking of something like this but also totally understand that this might break the philosophy of the visibility levels.

The scorecards hiding refers to the scorecards hierarchy. I understood that you want to hide it from the diagram, which is then different. With a customization we can hide the no access process diagrams from the hierachy pane, but that doesn't have any affect on the diagrams. I can't remember out right what happens to sub diagram elements on diagrams if the user doesn't have access to them. Was it so that the element is not just clickable but can be seen by those who do not have access to it..?

Yes, Riina, this is exactly how it works: The subprocess is visible in the drawing area (including the name of the process) but the element is not clickable.

The process hierarchy says "no access" for the sub levels.

Our customer would like to not see the process on the drawing area at all.