Granting Access to Briefing Booklets Only to Selected Users In The QPR Portal

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Granting Access to Briefing Booklets Only to Selected Users In The QPR Portal

This discussion is based around restricting user rights for users who need access to the Briefing Booklets in the QPR Portal and should not have access to most other sections in the QPR Portal.

Below is an example I have created for restricting user rights to the QPR Portal:


In the UMS the user will need to have the following "product permissions method".

QPR Modelling: Basic (The modelling user rights are only needed if Process Designer is in use)
QPR Metrics: Basic
QPR Portal: View
QPR User Management: None

You can also create a user group for this particular access so if there are many users with the same permissions they are easier to administer.

You users will also need to have model user rights selected (This is found in the QPR Metrics Client)


You will then need to configure the Portal by logging in with a user with full credentials. i.e. demo user. Navigate to the Briefing Booklets section of the Portal.



Click on the Bookmark tab.

Below are the settings I have configured. The link name, location and direct link are entered automatically. I checked "Set as Homepage" box.



Under the “Publish To” section select “Selected Users” and click “Users”. You will get the screen below



Include all the groups/users you want to have in this setting by moving them across to the “Selected Users and Groups” box. Move the users across to the “Selected Users and Groups” box first then remove any unwanted afterwards (this is due to design). Click ok.


If you then logout of the portal and login with one of the specific users you have edited you should see the Portal view below.



The image above displays to configuration for the user once you remove there edit rights from the portal and give them view rights. As we checked the “Set as Homepage” box this window appears when the user first logs in.

Obviously these settings can be tweaked slightly depending on the users request.


If you have any questions or have any other methods to achieve a similar result please feel free to share. Also if you have any questions you can post them below.


Hi Andrew, I tried to do what you suggest but I could not do because if you don't mark any type of license for the user in the UMS (as you  indicate above in the text) it is not possible to have model user rights selected  in the Metrics client because he/she does not appear in the "User Rights" window.







you are correct. The user needs to have at least "QPR Metrics Viewer" licence so that it can be added to "Model User" in QPR Metrics client.