Global certification with a companys business process model

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Global certification with a companys business process model

Is there a way to implement some sort of workflow within the QPR Process Modeler to accomplish the following:

  • for regions to make changes to a global process model of which they have a copy
  • once regional changes have been implented a centralized review board is notified
  • reviewboard reviews and either approves or denies the regional adaptions. In case of denial, comments should be addedby the reviewboard and notifactions sent to the regions. In case of approval, regional adaptions are implemented and visibleto all in the global process model
  • then the workflow repeats

At the moment we are helping our customer set a fundament of certification using a reference model which has been sent out to the various integrated management systems worldwide. Goal isto have all processes in all of our customers management systems documented in a single  global business processmodel. However we are not sure of how it is possible for each region or country to adapt the reference modelto its own needs, whilst not duplicating information or processes. Goal is to have standardized, lean processesthat are valid on a global level but can differ in the regional / local flowcharts.

I'd be happy for any kind of suggestions.

Kind regards,


I assume the workflow can be implemented within QPR in a way you have described but before to dive into the workflow implementation one could consider what would be the suitable way for the organization to manage and implement their processes.

If I understood you correctly your customer is sending out the global process model to regions and they can make a needed changes to the global processes. Instead of allowing regions to do changes to the global processes organization could consider to define the corporate-led global process model and implement this model as such to the regions. Only region specific changes will be allowed if those are related to the local legal requirements. This way your goal, to have standardized processes on a global level which can vary in the regional level, could be reached due to regions understand the limit of the changes allowed to the global process model.