Generic hotfix for QPR Suite 2019.1.0

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Generic hotfix for QPR Suite 2019.1.0

A generic (not targeted to a particular customer) hotfix is now available for QPR Suite 2019.1.0.

The hotfix contains installation packages for QPR Suite servers and client applications, with fixes to more than twenty individual issues, including security vulnerabilities. Installing the hotfix does not require any version of QPR Suite to be installed beforehand, and it requires first uninstalling any previous QPR Suite 2019.1.0.

The hotfix package can be downloaded from:

Please see the readme.txt file inside the package for more information and for installation instructions. For further guidance, please contact QPR Customer Care.


Should we reinstall this hotfix on existing customers? - Why is this release not standard on QPR Community Product Release area for QPR2019.1? (still package from June 2019)




Actually the packages in Product Releases area have been updated with the hotfixed version, so it is now by default used for new installations. The June 2019 date in that page just refers to the original 2019.1.0 RTM date. Thanks for pointing it out, as the Product Release area was unclear regarding this, and I now added a clarificatory remark there.

There are security fixes in the hotfix, so I would recommend applying the hotfix at the earliest convenience for customer installations having sensitive content and/or QPR Portal accessible from public internet. For other customers, there is no need to reinstall, unless they are experiencing some of the issues listed as fixed in the hotfix readme file.