Generic hotfix for QPR Suite 2017.1.1

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Generic hotfix for QPR Suite 2017.1.1

There is a new generic (not specific to a particular customer) hotfix available for QPR Suite 2017.1.1.

The hotfix is cumulative and contains all the fixes released in previous generic 2017.1.1 hotfixes. In addition, it fixes the following issues:

218699 Metrics server crashes if some operations, such as updating time-dependent formulas, are attempted right after the database connection has been lost and recovered
218701 Web Application Server audit log is filled with duplicate open model messages
218702 Server installer fails to install Windows services in latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

The hotfix package can be downloaded from:

Installing the hotfix is only recommended, if you are experiencing one of the issues addressed by it in QPR Suite 2017.1.1.

Please see the readme.txt file inside the package for more information and for installation instructions. For further guidance, please contact QPR Customer Care.