Generic hotfix #2 for QPR Suite 2019.1.0

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Generic hotfix #2 for QPR Suite 2019.1.0

A new generic (not targeted to a particular customer) hotfix is now available for QPR Suite 2019.1.0, containing fixes both to QPR Suite Servers and to QPR EnterpriseArchitect.

The hotfix package can be downloaded from:

Please see the readme.txt file inside the package for more information and for installation instructions. For further guidance, please contact QPR Customer Care.

Hi Teemu, is this hotfix included in the QPR2019.1 download?

We have a upgrade planned for tomorrow.

Regards, Tijmen

Hi Tijmen!

The 2019.1 downloads under product releases have the previous generic hotfix #1. That one fixes some security vulnerabilities, so it was recommended for all new installations instead of the original RTM release.

This new generic hotfix #2 addresses some quite specific issues, mainly related to Foundation Server stability and EnterpriseArchitect API. It is mainly recommended to customers actually facing those issues, so it is currently available only as separate package.

There will be an actual maintenance release 2019.1.1 available in the beginning of September, which will incorporate all the fixes so far and will have gone through the full quality assurance cycle for an official release. That will then be the recommended 2019.1 installation going forward, and will be available under the product releases section.

Br. Teemu