Gantt Chart

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Gantt Chart

Hi good day,

I attempted to create a Gantt chart however the vertical axis contains the periods and I would like it to show the task name. How can I accomplish the folloing:

  • Removing the vertical axis
  • Having activities run concurrent or over with overlapping dates

Hi Anniina,

Yes it does



So to create this kind of Gantt chart you need to define periods by milestone period level (for example different phases). The unit should be defined as date and the series should contain both "Start" and "End". When defining the chart itself you need to add a step where you can set the starting and ending point for the phases. I hope this helps you further!

Hi All, is there any way i can remove the date on the vertical axis for gantt chart?




Unfortunately there is currently no option for the Gantt chart to disable/hide either of the axis.

A couple of workarounds I can think of, which may or may not be feasible for your use case:
- Set the label font color for the axis same as the background color.
- Enable "clip to container" in the properties of the chart, and position it near the edge of the background shape in the layout editor, so that the axis labels are clipped off.

Hello, Yeah I have done that. I was just hoping to have some options to hide those. Thank you for the response! :)


Can somebody assist me on how to export gantt chart from the QPR portal? "Export to Powerpoint" option is not working.

If you get an empty gantt chart exported to Powerpoint, the issue is likely with the Portal period selection overriding the one for the gantt chart. In this case you might try setting "lock to default in web" for the period and period level in the gantt chart properties.

If the Powerpoint export is not working at all, I recommend that you contact customercare (, as they'll have the most efficient means of troubleshooting the issue with you.

Hi, How can i make my own color theme?

The color themes originate from the third party charting component used by Metrics and are unfortunately hard-coded.

You might e.g., create a dummy chart, add the wanted colors to its color scheme, and then copy it as a basic for new charts.