Formula to see average in QPR Metrics

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Formula to see average in QPR Metrics


We have a challenge regarding formulas in Metrics.

Our case is like this:

We have a measure that is about sickdays. It's presentad accumulated, so if it one month were 2,1 day per employee and next month 1,2 days per employee, the sum is 3,3 days per employee. The measure is presented each month. The objective is that it should not be more than 7 days out of office per employee per year (result in december).

If we set 7 days as alarm it will be a green light during 5-8 months because it's accumulated. We need to figure out a fomula that would forecast the coming months results. So if we have 5 sickdays per employee in june it should be a red light because it will probably go over 7 days in the end.

So basically we want to forecast the coming months result so the alarm goes off if it looks like the 7 day objective will not be met.


Hi Jacob,

I would calculate the monthly alarm value (ALA) as 7/12 --> approx. 0,6 days per month and then use the cumulative alarm value (CUM_ALA) as the range limit and use a formula CUMULATIVE(ALA,9,SUM). In this case the alarm limit would increase each month by 0,6 days and would be 7,2 days for December.