Export to Office support for 16:9 Powerpoint tempates

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Export to Office support for 16:9 Powerpoint tempates

I was surprised to find out that the Enterprise Architect 2019.1 and latest portal release still do not support the 16:9 Powerpoint templates.

The 16:9 Powerpoint templates have been widely used in companies for some years, which makes the current Export to Powerpoint feature more or less inadequate.

Is this feature in your development roadmap and when can we expect it to be available?

Meanwhile is there a smooth workaround you would recommend for bringing diagrams from portal to Powerpoint?

Hi Timo! Have you considered using the QPR_Reporting_Add-on? With this add-on, you can basically use what ever Powerpoint template as a basis for generating reports out of QPR MEA contents. See especially the QPR PowerPoint Reports section in the documentation. Taking the add-on in use involves installation and configuration of the add-on to the server.

Hi Timo,

Unfortunately we have had some issues with the 3rd party component that we are using for PowerPoint generation. Hopefully usage of the newer releases of the component also fix this 16:9 template issue. Currently the workaround is to use our QPR Reporting add-on to create custom PowerPoint report that suits your specific needs.