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Export to Office

Is there any way to have direct access to the "Export to Office" functionality from inside a Briefing Booklet? I have a customer who has all the reporting system based on QPR Portal/ Briefing Booklets, so for them it would be extremely useful to be able to directly export  booklets pages to PowerPoint.


It is not possible to print briefing booklets to PowerPoint but it is possible to print them to PDF by using the PDF Printer Add-on. PDF Printer Add-on can be found from the QPR 2015.1 Add-on package ( https://files.qpr.com/releases/QPR_Suite_2015.1.0_Add-on_feature_package_1/QPR_Suite_AddOns_2015.1_Migration_Package_1.zip )


Dear Mohammed,User information from QPR UMS can be exported by using License Usage Report.Instructions:http://kb.qpr.com/qpr2017-1/index.html?license_usage_report.htm

As an updated to Mika Maliniemi's answer, the PDF printer is not available for QPR Suite 2017.1. The current recommended way is to use the Reporting Add-on. This way you can create nice looking, dynamic reports..