Exercise with Workflow

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Exercise with Workflow


i need do an exercise with Workflow in visual studio, What documentation do you have?

How can i do the connection between QPR and Visual Studio?



Please check this earlier post from our Community

How to Build QPR Portal Workflows:



Mika Maliniemi

I'd like to understand what Styles there are I cann Add or Remove using AddAttributeStyle or RemoveAttributeStyle.​I have a sequence with a switch. Depending on the status a Group:StatusPane is Hidden, Editable, ReadOnly and later on Editable again.

What styles/examples are there to enforce hidden, edit and readonly?


Currently the only supported styles are "hidden" and "readonly". When adding style "hidden", the field is not visible (and thus it's not editable). When adding style "readonly", the field can be seen but cannot be edited.

Thanks Olli, I've added a style 'readonly' at the beginning of the flow using AddAttributeStyle. Removing this style later in the flow via RemoveAttributeStyle does not seem to work (it remains readonly). How should I resolve this?

Please, send the example workflow code (xaml) to QPR CustomerCare.

Is there any example of workflow in QPR Portal? I'd like to see how it works, how we can use it, so i can work on it later.