Event/ cases limit

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Event/ cases limit


I currently have a problem where I load more than 300.000 events and when I run QPR it only shows me 36.000 events and 50.000 cases.

I already have disabled than 10.000 limit.


Can you help me out please?


Kind regards

Hello Jose,

This sounds like the dynamic sampling is on i.e. by default QPR ProcessAnalyzer shows a sample of the data, not the whole data.

You can check this by clicking: Manage Filters -> Properties -> towards the bottom of the dialog box that opens there is a section called Sample Size (# of Cases), check whether "All" is checked, or whether there is a specific sample size selected "Limit To"

Hello Mika,


I had already checked that, I've got two filters, both with the "All" check mark.

Hi Jose,

Ok, this sounds strange. Could you please contact our Customer Care at: customercare@qpr.com

They will investigate this further.

Best Regards,