EA market maturity indicators

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EA market maturity indicators

Hi all,

I'm collecting some indicators that could be used to analyze a given market's EA awareness and maturity. Some potential indicators are listed below. Comments on these? Any other you can think of? All input is appreciated!

EA awareness:

  • Number of TOGAF certified individuals
  • Number of TOGAF member organizations
  • Existance of government legislation concerning EA
  • Government initiatives or tenders concerning EA
  • Frequency and amount of EA publications
  • Is the market a home market of an EA tool
  • Presence of EA vendor offices
  • Existance of university courses or programs on EA
  • Existance of professional EA communities
  • Number of annual EA events
  • Extent of EA job market

Local EA perception (strategy or IT driven):

  • Are EA jobs, university courses, consulting services, professional communities etc. more IT or business oriented



Hmm. How about indirect evidence, "from the ground up"?

Existence and volume of published data, metadata, etc.

What I mean is that plain # of  datasets published as CSV is weak signal (this is happening fast everywhere, partly due government push for opennes).
Easy to rank countries by number of datasets.

But if there is metadata and other "EA relevant" information & instructions published also it's a stronger signal.


Good point Lassi, I suppose you could also assess interoperability platforms and their outputs, such as https://www.yhteentoimivuus.fi/

Those are very good indicators. About the university courses, it would be also interesting to hear that how long they've been teaching the subject.

I'd also suggest some Google trends as we're talking about the indicators..

e.g. <https://www.google.fi/trends/explore#q=%2Fm%2F052ccy>