Displaying notes in portal

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Displaying notes in portal

When I add a note ("Muistiipano") to a process diagram, give it a name ("Nimi") and also add a description ("Kuvaus") to it, and then publish it to the portal, what seems to happen is that on the portal both name and description are displayed on the diagram. On other elements only name is displayed and description becomes visible (on the bottom of the screen) when clicked. How do I make notes to behave similarly?

Hi Timo,

In the EA client right-click on the "Note" element and select "Graphical properties...". On that window go to "Fields" tab and unselect the checkbox on the left side of "Description". If you want this to be default visualization for all "Note"-elements, click "Save as Default" on the left side of the window. Finally, click "Ok" to close the window and save the model. Reload the portal page on the browser; now you should have only name visible on the note on the screen.

Hi Toni,

great, thanks. It works as you described.