Dashboard - Browser (Frame Views)

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Dashboard - Browser (Frame Views)

Hey Everyone,

In Metrics 2012-2 I was able to open browsers in dashboards, the custom link attribute used to upon within the same frame like an embedded attachment, in v2014-1 this functionality has been changed.


Can I go back to using this functionality in v2014-1 as well with some customizations?


Thanks in Advance.


You probably mean the custom URL links which can be defined to elements inside an Metrics dashboard view. I tested this functionality with 2012.2 and 2014.1 version and you are correct. In 2012.2 version the custom URL link is opened inside QPR Portal and in 2014.1 version it will be opened to a new browser window.

Our product development will now investigate this and I will get back to you later.


Mika Maliniemi


Hi Mika,

Is there any progress on this?

I believe this is related to the 2014 function:

"305520 Embedded attachments now open similarly as linked attachments instead of opening inside the Portal frame. This makes it easier the use attachments especially in mobile devices where the attachment can be handled by a more appropriate application than the mobile browser."

It would be great if there is an option to select which type of opening style is preferred.



The feature that you are referring to is not related to this problem. This is related to the below known defect

"215784 Custom URL links from dashboards are opened to new browser window"

This will most probably be fixed in our next major release which is QPR 2015.1 version.



This issue has been fixed in the QPR Suite 2015.1.0 version which was released last week.

More information about QPR 2015.1.0 version can be found from


Hi I would like to ask if it is possible to remove the frame around graphs or change it as invisible in QPR Metrics ?


You can tick the "Transparent chart area" checkbox in the Chart Area tab of the Chart Properties dialog in order to hide the rectangle around the graph.

If desired, you can also hide the vertical and/or horizontal axis by selecting it in the Axes tab and unticking the Visible checkbox.

Thanks for the answer but nowhere I could find that button transparent. Can I ask you a print screen where you can see where this button to find.Thank you

See here: