Counting Unique Values in Metrics

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Counting Unique Values in Metrics

Hello Everyone,


I am looking for a formula/solution, which does count the specified series for the elements below, but only counts repeating values for once.

ie, there are seven elements which have the values (1,2,3,1,4,1,5) for the same series, and I want the element on top of them to count each unique value and count the repeating ones as well, but for only once; and bring the result 5.Thanks a lot! 


Hi Ozan,

Currently there is no such function in the metrics formulas. One way to get the same results is that you install the QPR Integration Kit to the QPR database and use the SC_ReportingViewNR -view. You can create a SQL Import task in Metrics designer which uses COUNT DISTINCT in the SQL query which then counts the different values from this specific element and series from the SC_ReportingViewNR -view in the QPR database.

More information about QPR Integration Kit can be found from



Mika Maliniemi