Copy dashboard views between models

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Copy dashboard views between models

Is it possible to copy a dashboard view from one model to another one?

Unfortunately I don't think that's possible. I might be wrong though.

It is not possible. Although it would really be good.

I really need this feature.

Copying dashboard view is very helpful and it shorten the design time. at least it might be possible to copy symbol layouts between models. it's really essential. 

Copying dashboard views across models would be quite handy. Unfortunately it's not currently possible. One challenge with implementing such a functionality is that a lot of the content of a dashboard view is often quite tightly coupled with the particular model. (The view references specific elements, series, periods, ranges etc., for which there may not be any obviously corresponding objects in the target model). Granted, all purely graphical items inside the view could be quite straightforwardly copied.

For symbol layouts, there is one way to copy them from one model to another, but it is fairly complex. It goes as follows:1. In the source model, create a new temporary element type (let's name it "temp").2. Go to the dashboard containing the symbol layout you want to copy. Add a new element of type temp to the dashboard.3. Copy the symbol layout, select the new element and from the right-click menu select paste special -> paste symbol layout4. Open the symbol layout designer for the new element. Click "set as default layout".5. Open the target model. Copy the temp element type from the source model (via the modeling options dialog).Now you have the symbol layout in the target model and can use the normal means of copying it within the model.

In CostPerform this same issue has been solved quite well with their dashboards (that are called whiteboards): Dashboard graphical items (rectangles, lines, ...) refer to (cost) model elements by their symbols - also in Metrics all elements have symbols. This way coupling between model elements and dashboard items has been made as loose as possible, and copying dashboards between models is doable in a logical way. If the target model doesn't contain an element with the referenced symbol, contents of the graphical item is simply empty, and user is able to change to reference to a different element.