Continuous INNOVATION - how does it differ from continuous improvement?

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Continuous INNOVATION - how does it differ from continuous improvement?

Here's a video interview on Continuous Innovation and what it should mean to your business:

Video Interview: The Journey to Continuous Innovation

In this interview with the PEX Network, Brad Power describes why he believes the world is shifting from continuous improvement and episodic innovation to a need for continuous innovation. Despite the need to devote more resources to disruptive innovation, In the internal competition for scarce resources in most large traditional companies, almost always today’s performance engine wins the lion’s share.

How do some leading organizations continuously innovate? How do their management systems protect money and people to generate, incubate, and commercialize disruptive innovations?

There is a transcript of the interview at 


Brad Power has consulted and conducted research on process innovation and business transformation for the last 30 years. In his recent consulting he has worked with healthcare organizations to define and launch "journeys" to improve the way they do their work and then run experiments of changes that build capabilities and learning on that journey. For the last five years he's been researching how top management creates breakthrough business models enabling today's performance and tomorrow's innovation, building on work with the Lean Enterprise Institute, Hammer and Company, and FCB Partners. You can see some of his research insights in his blog posts at The Harvard Business Review at He's interested in hearing stories of companies which embarked on a process innovation program and either kept going, or didn't, and why.