Batch Upload Element Types

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Batch Upload Element Types

Hello and thank you for your prompt responses,

We have multiple initiatives to upload on the sytem annually and it takes a while to enter them one by one. Is there a way we can upload multiple elements at the same time within one scorecard or multiple. We can define the value settings in coloumns, very much like how the integerations work. 

Thank you 





You might consider using QPR API for creating new Metrics elements.
There is a ready-made example script SCImportXML.qprmsc that creates new elements based on an XML file. The example script can be found after client installation under ProgramData\QPR Software\QPR 2017\2017.1\Clients\scscripts

Another option, if exactly similar new elements are to be created under many different scorecards, is to use the base scorecard functionality in QPR Metrics, create the new elements by hand to the base scorecard and then apply the changes to all the attached scorecards.