Success Story

  • DIFKO - Success Story

    02.04.2014 - 09:05

    CEO Stig Holst Hartwig and Thomas Boll Matthiesen wanted more focus on the company strategy throughout the organization.

  • Dublin City Council - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 13:22

    In recent years Dublin City Council has experienced signifi cant growth in size, population and economic activity with commensurately increasing demands on the infrastructure and the environment.

  • EDS - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 13:17

    EDS Brasil implemented a solution to accelerate the data gathering and communication of the performance indicators of its processes of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), using QPR Metrics, QPR

  • Eldorado - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 13:10

    Founded in December 1997 in Campinas, SP, Eldorado began its operations in March 1999.

  • Emirates Identity Authority - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 13:06

    Through the establishment of the population register, EIDA is also responsible for the issuance of electronic identity cards which will further the country's efforts towards the provision of a secure environment for citizens and expatriate residents of

  • Euro-Center - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 12:46

    CEO Jan Madsen and IT Coordinator Nicolas Sommer were looking for a system to support management in their organization since the 11 Euro-Center sites did not have easy access to relevant and updated information on number of claims, claim costs, etc.

  • H. Familie Success - Story - RUS

    01.04.2014 - 12:08

    H. Familie Group определила стратегию и видение на будущее компании, не хватало лишь инструментов для информирования всех сотрудников и претворения стратегии в действие.

  • HIS - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 12:01

    H.I.S., founded in 1980, has over 25 years of experience in travel industry. During the latest years rapid growth and new legal regulations have posed a new type of challenge in their operations.

  • Home Interiors - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 11:49

    Home Interiors de México initiated the project to measure performance through the use of Balanced Scorecard methodology for several reasons:

  • Hronovce Mental Hospital Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 11:45

    The Management of the Hronovce Hospital has been facing similar issues that trouble all the health-care providers in Slovakia everyday: Low revenues from health-care treatment create constant pressure towards internal efficiency and have not allowed for

  • Innovation Norway - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 11:37

    According to its mission statement, Innovation Norway’s purpose is to be a backer and promoter of entrepreneurs, newly-founded and small and medium-sized enterprises that seek to grow, generally in an

  • Izmit Government Hospital - Success Story

    01.04.2014 - 11:34

    Izmit Government Hospital is aware that, in creating excellent processes and management, technology is indispensable. That is the reason why it decided to begin a process management and quality system
    management project.