QPR ProcessAnalyzer

31.12.2019 - 11:08

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.9 release highlights

New features include:

  • Interactive Header for Filtering and Root Cause analysis
  • Case Attribute Root Cause analysis for KPIs
  • Dashboard Filtering for Case Attributes
  • Pre-configured Process Mining Charts

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer in a nutshell

Process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer allows your organization to fast-track its’ business process management initiative by reducing the time and cost involved with process improvement actions. Using data stored in operative business systems, QPR ProcessAnalyzer shows exactly how your processes run in reality and allows you to analyze them from multiple angles as well as drill down to individual cases.

Process mining in a nutshell

Unlike time-consuming workshop approach to process discovery, QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides a fact-based results with a fraction of time. With a few clicks, you discover the ‘as-is’ business process models, benchmark performance and see what are the causes for process variations.

What is process mining? Find out more on the QPR ProcessAnalyzer - process mining in a nutshell video.

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