QPR Operational Development Model Webinar

16.09.2020 - 10:11

You should definitely download this Webinar if any of the following statements fit to your organization: You lack the visibility from strategy to your operational development, there are unlinked development projects ongoing or you lack the visibility on how a change effects different operations, QPR Operational Development Model ensures your operations are in line with strategy, makes possible to develop your operations in an agile way to better fit strategic requirements and to respond faster and more efficiently to changes in your operational and competitive environment!

The webinar is delivered by Mr. Matti Eerola, Head of Operational Development at QPR Software. He has a proven track record in driving enterprise architecture development in HUAWEI (from where he joined QPR) and in Nokia Corporation. In the webinar we will also tell you how to get started!

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See below the webinar slides:

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