QPR Suite 2019.1.1 released

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QPR Suite 2019.1.1 released

QPR Suite 2019.1.1 has been released and is available to download at the Product Release page.

This is a maintenance release that focuses on improving reliability and security, in addition to small additions to functionality.

For details, please refer to the 2019.1 introduction to the new features document (the new items introduced in 2019.1.1 are marked there with "*2019.1.1").

Note that this maintenance release also contains all the fixes that have been included in the generic hotfix releases made after 2019.1.0 release.

Where is described what to do if you have 2019.1.0 installed and you want to upgrade to 2019.1.1?

Dear Wim,


You should first uninstall old version. Install 2019.1.1 as a fresh install. 

Remember to take copy of templates if customized. Also it would not hurt to take backup of QPR_Servers.ini file.

Have a nice day!