QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.6 - release webinar

13.07.2017 - 15:46

Recording of the webinar held on 28th of October; What's new in 2016.6. 

New features and functionalities: 

  • Super Useful Analytics
    • There now is a Duration Influence Analysis that shows which case attributes have the most effect into the durations of cases or the selected flow.
    • Comparison Mode is now available for flowchart benchmarking.
  • Prediction and Machine Learning
    • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress now comes with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express LocalDB. Due to this, support for 32-bit operating systems is dropped. Support for 32-bit Microsoft Office Excel remains.
    • Support for Open R and example script for clustering / case prediction.
  • Connectors
    • Epicor and ServiceNow demo models have been added.
    • IWA support for --#CallWebService.
    • There now is a new StartBackground script command, that makes all script commands that are placed after it be run in background, so that the user can continue using QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client.
  • QPR MobileDashboard

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See below the webinar slides:

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