Success story - Lithuanian Public Healthcare

23.12.2019 - 11:39

Lithuanian public healthcare raises the bar for quality with QPR

“With QPR’s Quality Management System, heads of regional healthcare departments are now able to monitor achieved results from their workstations with just a few clicks and verify that activities are executed as planned. The implemented solution by QPR software not only showcases all process of institutions, but it also visualizes the results that have been achieved over a period of time”, says Saulius Dovydaitis, Director, Telsiai Regional Public Healthcare Department. “Now everything is detailed: the processes of public healthcare departments are documented with the required performance levels”, Dovydaitis continues.

Attached are the digital version of the brochure and the printable version with marks and bleeds. Please contact us at marketing(at) if you need the editable version of the brochure for translating it into another language.

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