Towards Lean Business Processes in Salesforce - Get Actionable Advice as to How

07.07.2017 - 16:57

With Salesforce, companies have a flexible CRM tool to document and keep track of sales and marketing activities. Usually there is a process in place for carrying out those activities but often the planned process doesn't match the reality. Unwanted process variations i.e. process waste impact negatively the running of the business and may compromise the reliability of the data stored in the system.

Process mining is the means to find out what is going on with the processes as a whole. Salesforce log data can be used to visualize the complete process flow. This is something that current reporting tools cannot deliver.

By joining the webinar you will:

  •     Learn about process mining
  •     Understand what process mining could mean for you as a CMO/CSO using Salesforce
  •     Realize how easily QPR ProcessAnalyzer can be applied to visualize 'as-is' processes
  •     Live demo of QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Sharing the actionable advice will be Tobias Rother from ProcessGold, the process mining pioneers. Teemu Lehto from QPR Software will show how it is done from the tool perspective.

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