Indonesian Financial Services Authority - Success Story

18.12.2014 - 14:16

Keep it “SIMPEL” – merger and strategy management based on Balanced Scorecard and QPR Metrics

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority has been using its QPR Metrics powered SIMPEL named strategy management system almost its entire existence. With SIMPEL the Authority justifies its existence and performance to all stakeholders and looks for new opportunities to guarantee an even better performance in the future. 

Dwi Kurniawan, Director of Information System Strategy and Development, Department of Information System Management:

“Our advice to any other organization thinking to implement a performance management system is to buy QPR. There are cheaper and more expensive alternatives, but for an organization like us, QPR is the right the choice, as it is very cost-efficient and fast to implement.”

Arifin Susanto, Deputy Director, Strategic Planning Directorate:

“I would say that for a government office like us it is almost impossible to be without using this kind of application and software. Otherwise you cannot combine information and collaborate especially in a country like Indonesia, scattered into many islands.”

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